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What is suprising about Islamorada is the fact that for what is basically a coral island it has some lovely beaches.


These range from the amazing natural ones like Annes Beach and Key Largo Beaches at The Coral Reef State Park to the man made beach at Founders Park.


Explore them all and you will not be dissapointed with what you find.

Islamorada Sites

Islamorada and the Keys are all about the bridges. The long chain of Islands are joined together by a series of bridges that form part of the landscape.


These include Snake Creek bridge which raises on the hour allowing the tall boats to go from the Gulf to the ocean and back.


Also there is the old bridge pictured here that is now used mainly for fishing and walking.


Explore them all and have fun.

Islamorada Wildlife

The wildlife in Islamorada and the Keys is second to none. There are few places in the world where you can see an Alligator in the morning and then swim on a beautiful coral reef in the afternoon.


Everywhere you look there will be Pelicans, Osprey, Egrets and Iguanas.


Below the water is where the fun really starts with so much to explore you will never get bored.

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